Book Promotions and Marketing

There are millions of authors in this world who are constantly looking for some reliable piece of information on book promotions and marketing. However, do they ever come across one which might help their minds? Do these authors, self-published or otherwise, find a platform which may help them fulfilling their pursuit? Publishing a book has become easier task with time but pushing your book to the readers has become real tough with the increasing competition in the book market. Reliable agencies, trustworthy platform and people an author can have faith on are always there. All one needs to look for is caution in handling these subtle turns in book marketing.

Book promotion has become the indispensable tool for the authors who are serious about getting their book to the actual readers. Without the digital exposure of the book, it is highly unlikely that the authors will ever come to know about a book published! The world has gone digital – digital payments, digital shopping, digital reading and even digital working… The authors who have understood the importance of digital book marketing within time are reaping their success already. What an author needs today for book promotions? The answer is very simple – a few book reviews on targeted book websites, a few author interviews on reputed platforms and some reviews in international or reputed national literary magazines. If the numbers are high and platforms are well-picked, the author is ready to enjoy the achievement.

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Social media also plays an important role in author and book promotions today. Authors need to be careful in choosing the platforms for their image building and book exposure. They need to look for the agencies which have a strong base of social influencers as well as a deep penetration on social media. Facebook, twitter, google plus, Goodreads and Amazon have become the platform of interest for the readers today. On these platforms, they can easily find more about the books they want to read. Clever book promotion companies exploit these platforms very well and bring greater rates of purchase for the authors.

Book blogger base is also a thing to watch out when an author is looking for book marketing. An agency with a bunch of book bloggers will always deliver safe and sound result than an agency which itself is a blogger base with a few bloggers! Bloggers who blog on Blogspot and WordPress add another layer of popularity to the book and they make things look genuine. It clearly indicates that the book is getting among the readers on different levels.

To make things easier for authors, TeamBR_Online offers great and affordable book promotions packages. We always make sure to deliver the results as per the expectation. We have been in the book promotion and author image building business for more than two years now. Enjoy your writing ride with us – let us handle your marketing jobs!

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