Why do the authors need book publicity firms today? If you also have this question, then you are perhaps mistaken of the reality. Book publicity is something which the authors always kept doing – in every century! However, there were no firms for helping them. The authors did most of the book promotion jobs themselves. With time, people made a profession out of this opportunity and we have book publicity firms today. These firms promote the books as well as the authors. We at Book Reviews Online do the same for authors and publishers. We promote books among the readers in online and offline mode.

Book PR Agencies in India:

Unfortunately, except us, there is no dedicated book promotion only PR agency in India. All others do book promotions along with other activities. Most of them are not capable of perceiving the ideal gatherings for the book over the web as well as offline. The folks in our team are all deep-vested in this field for many years. They know the slightest details about book marketing and its dynamics. We use the social media platforms and blogging platforms to their full capacity to promote the books of our clients. Other PR agencies, which are not dedicated to books & authors, will just post for you over different platforms; we will WRITE for you!

Is our book publicity firm dependable?

That’s a vital question asked. We have carried out campaigns for many authors. Though we are new as a company, our parent organisation, Ashvamegh, has been given to book promotions and author reputation building for more than two years now. Until the date, the campaigns we have carried out, have garnered much web-exposure for the authors and space for their books. Our prime motive is to create awareness among the readers and in which we are always successful. Thus, you can count on the Team at BR_Online.

A little fumbling? We have got your back:

If you are hesitating to invest for your book’s publicity, you can start with the smallest package that we offer. We have kept our pricing well within the range of authors. You can try our services first with a little investment and if you like, you can buy our best packages and ensure your success with one of the fewest book publicity firms in India with a dedicated work sphere in the field.

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