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Being an author or a poet in confinement is not as good a feeling as is being the same in public! A writer is the best person to be known among literary circles and reader communities. However, the modern writing industry, with so many authors, has become very competitive. Only one or two out of many hundreds can make it to that coveted spot – a popular and followed author! Increasing industry competition, increasing number of the authors, so many books published every month and many other things together have made it indispensable for the new as well as established authors to make some efforts for author image building. On one’s own, though one can do many things, it’s never going to be easy to handle the nuances and nuisances of the industry. That’s why the team at Book Reviews Online has come up with the author image building services. We relentlessly campaign for our clients’ image building in the writing industry using all our available resources. Major of the activities that we do for author promotion campaigns are author interviews, featured author stories, social reputation building, author website and email marketing. Below, you will find details about each of these activities.

How do we do author image building?

Author Image Building:

Author Interviews are always the best way to express ideas, writing purpose and also connect with the readers directly. If the interview is conducted in a better way and hosted on even better a platform, then the purpose of an author interview is achieved successfully. TeamBR_Online has the resources and necessary associations with high quality and targeted platforms where we get our clients interviewed. These platforms are literary magazines of national and international repute, opinion platforms, book and author websites and some personal blogs which mostly deal with literary stuff. The readership count and daily visits on these platforms ensure that the interview reaches to a great number of people.

Featured stories written about the author make the readers aware of the interesting facts about him or her. Moreover, implicitly, these articles are valuable assets for the future of the author’s writing career. Even more, we get the featured stories about the authors written on targeted websites which solely deal with the author stuff, featured book stuff, book reviews etc. These feature stories include the basic details about the author, their vision, some quotes, the books and also the future plans. In the short run as well as long run, these featured stories become a handy tool in overall author promotion campaign and TeamBR_Online does the job very well!

We at Book Reviews Online understand the power of social media and a good social presence. With the powerful tools that Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are, we ensure that the presence of our client reaches to the narrowest lane of the internet! We have a strong base of social media influencers and enchanting writers to create the buzz around. We set up (or manage if they already exist) the social profiles of our client on different platforms and communicate to the readers through those. With visually communicative social media graphics and crafty posts, we penetrate different layers of users to create the reader base and an image for our client.

Author website plays the role of the welcome door for the readers to give them the entrance into author’s world. Moreover, websites have become very common and at the same time indispensable for anyone who wants to make a serious web presence. With our quality web content writing team and graphic designers, we create appealing and amazingly visual websites for our clients. With our expert team of SEO guys, we also ensure that the website we create for our clients grabs the attention of the readers. The website contains all the essential details, social links, book purchase links and a dedicated page where we post the book reviews.