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Book promotion is not a new concept. It has been there for centuries and authors have been doing several activities to promote their books. With the passage of time, the promotional strategies have been changing. Today, in the age of social media and various other digital engagement platforms, the style of promotions have also changed a lot. Along with offline activities, online promotions have become indispensable to boost the sales of the book as well as making it popular among the readers. With resources, experience, blogger base, social media influences, offline geeks and a quality team of strategists, TeamBR_Online becomes the one-spot solution for the authors and publishers who want to promote their books.

How do we promote books?

Book Promotion Activities:

Mainstream Reviews

Today is the day of Google and the internet. People rely on search results more than ever and they believe what they read online. An author will surely want to ensure that when readers look for his or her book on the internet, they find a pile of the results. If a book dominates the first few pages with quality website features, half of the game is won! The impression that a book needs will be made on the readers. Book Reviews Online does this job for authors. We will get the reviews written for our client’s book on various mainstream and relevant websites with great readerships. This will have a manifold of accelerating effect on the book – in the terms of sales as well as web presence. Readers will know about the book through various websites as well as if they search about it online. We get the reviews published on websites which represent literary magazines, book reader communities, highly engaging personal blogs, opinion platforms etc.

Blogger Reviews

Blogger reviews can never be taken lightly! That’s why, along with the mainstream websites, we do deploy the communities of book bloggers who are associated with us. Blogger book reviews ensure that a book reaches to the last possible reader who might be the subscriber of a book blog. Moreover, the chain of book blogger reviews also ensures that the web presence of a book is further reinforced to the secondary level as well. To the best of these purposes, we have with us a number of quality book bloggers and the count it is further getting more and more.

Social Media Promotion

Other than the major purpose of socialising with people around the world, facebook has become a serious and highly engaging platform for promotions of any kind. Almost all the leading brands across the world are having their pages on facebook along with the celebrities, sports personalities, famous authors and the guy next door as well! We understand the active role that Facebook might play in the book promotion and we, with our full influencer base, do our best to get the social exposure that a book needs. Through weekly posts, third-party posts, likes, shares, recommendations and suggestions, we garner the social attention for the book we promote. Likewise, we do the same things on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus, which are the most engaging social platforms. Social promotions make the reader base, enhances the purchase quotient, and keeps a book in the buzz-town. And sit relaxed, we got the passionate team of social buffs with us for the business!

Amazon & Goodreads Reviews

A book’s page on Amazon must reflect good reviews (count and content wise) and likewise it should be doing on the Goodreads too. For the purpose, we work side-by-side with our clients and create strategies to get genuine reviews on Amazon & Goodreads. Moreover, with our packages, we provide a certain number of reviews on each of the platform depending upon the package strength. Unlike all other promotional blunders, we don’t make things look farce, fictitious and ugly! We write critically crafted reviews on these platforms so that readers get the good impressions. Writing 5-star reviews with sophisticated terms isn’t the key always! Our purpose on Amazon & Goodreads is to create a critical and valid reader-response on the books.

Book Features

Other than getting book reviews, getting a book featured on relevant websites and getting articles written around the theme of a book are some more useful promotional activities which boost the chances of sales. TeamBR_Online gets these things done for the clients. On our own platforms as well as on third party ones, we get our client’s book featured. Feature articles which are not exactly book reviews but written around the theme of book we are promoting help a lot in connecting the readers with the book and also entice them to purchase it.

Promotional Web Banners

This is very costly if someone does it in the conventional google way. However, Book Reviews Online has an innovative style of promoting a book through advertising web banners. We create highly attractive and compelling web banners for the book and distribute it among our associates and third parties. The post these web banners on their websites for a certain time period (which depends upon the package our client purchases). By doing this, anyone who visits the websites will see the banner and if it suits, the visitor will surely go to the link to know more about the book. Thus, the chances of sales are multiplied multiple times by this engaging method designed by TeamBR_Online.