Offline PR Activities

reach the (un)social readers

Though the world is too much online, there is still too much left offline. Getting along with a gathering and spreading a message is still very much useful as it used to be. However, it requires a dedicated installment of hard work to popularise something via offline methods today. Fortunately, promoting an author or a book in the real world isn’t that tougher as is promoting a fashion brand! TeamBR_Online has come up with several strategies which work offline and strengthen the overall image building of our clients.  Below, you will find the glimpse of what we do majorly for the offline PR activities to promote authors and their works.

How do we do offline PR activities?

Offline PR Actvities

Library Hunting

Libraries are still in active operations in spite of Amazon Kindle! Many people go to libraries to spend some quality time reading books even today. Our team looks for the libraries which have active average readership and delivers the complimentary copies there. What it does is that it increases the chances that the book and the author will keep on being ‘passed-on’ once the readers like the content. This surely helps in creating the physical reader base for the author out of the social media sphere. We look for the public libraries, college libraries, university libraries and other specific reader groups’ libraries.

Reader Group Hunting

Reader groups are not a new concept. There have always been the groups of enthusiastic readers who keep looking for quality books. We find out these people and offer them the books by our clients. Once the book clicks any group of readers, there are high chances that the book will be in the buzz world very quickly. TeamBR_Online understands that reader groups play a very important role in offline PR activities en route author & book promotions. And we look for those groups, associate with those and carry out the activity to further ensure we get something good out of it.

Physical Giveaways

Book Reviews Online organises physical giveaways of the books by our clients on various stages along with various activities. Physical giveaways help very much the author image building and book promotion campaign on different levels. We might host a giveaway among the high school students, a college, a university, an English class, a discussion forum and so on… Moreover, while giving away the books, we ensure that we choose the right readers who might, in future, voice about their experience reading the book on different platforms. Thus, the physical giveaways of the books become very vital for the author branding and ‘spread away’ of the book’s presence.

College & University Activities

What can be a place other than a college or a university to promote something as relevant as a book? Recognising the role that an educational campus can play in the promotion of a book, we have employed our strategies in this direction. We catch up with the students in campus, take their help in reaching to the groups of students who are enthusiastic about reading the latest books and provide them with complimentary copies of the books written by our clients. We also encourage them to share the book with others who share the same interest and also request them to post about their reading on social platforms.