Book Reviews Online provides all the essential promotional services that an author or a publisher might need for promoting their books. We operate our strategies online and offline, in both the modes, to ensure we garner the most out of our activities for the clients. Our services are designed to build the image of the author, popularise the author’s presence, promote the books through various mediums and eventually boost the sales. The best part of our services is that we have kept these well-priced. Keeping our book promotion & author image building services affordable, we ensure that we have something for every budget – whether you are planning a long-term standing or just need to promote your current book.

The Services We Provide

Promote your book

Book Promotions

Promoting a book is not only posting about it on facebook or twitter! It’s something deeper; it’s something different, and people at TeamBR_Online know the art very well! Mainstream reviews, blogger reviews, book features, social boost, giveaways, Amazon & Goodreads promotion and offline activities are all included in our strategies. We strengthen the web presence of your book & promote it to display this strength. Learn more about book promotions:

Author Image Building TeamBR_Online

Author Image Building

Writing a book and getting it published and even getting sales are all incomplete until an author gets for himself or herself an image. Author Image building is an important aspect of a long-term & successful writing career. TeamBR_Online will ensure you stand tall in the competition! We have the resources and we will make your image as an author using interviews, featured stories, social media & other tools. Learn more about author image building:

Offline PR Activities TeamBR_Online

Offline PR Activities

We don’t only operate online but also execute our strategies for on ground promotion of the author and the book. We create the strategy for offline activities after so much of discourse, discussion and possible debates too. Library hunting; reader groups hunting; physical giveaways, slip-on readerships, and many other activities can be a part of our offline promotion strategy according to the book. Know more about offline PR activities: