About TeamBR_Online

who we are; what we do

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Book Reviews Online is the only PR platform dedicated to author & book promotion services. Established with a view of helping new as well as popular authors reaching their target readers, we plan and execute personalised strategies for each of our clients, who are authors or publishers. People in the TeamBR_Online platform are highly creative in crafting the strategies and passionate in getting those executed successfully. Offline and online, we do both the kinds of campaigns to give the book and the author the exposure they need.

We Understand Book Marketing:

Book promotion is not something like promoting a soft drink brand! The book market is competitive, rather narrowed in the terms of target audience and at the same time, highly productive. At BR_Online, however, we’ve got the things you need. Headed by an author himself, Alok Mishra, we are a young and dynamic team of highly enthusiastic young persons who are very well at home in online book marketing and promotions through social media platforms as well as ground campaigns.

We Do The Following:

  • Mainstream Website Reviews
  • Blogger Reviews
  • Author Interviews
  • Twitter Promotions
  • Facebook Promotions
  • LinkedIn Promotions
  • Other Social Media Promotions
  • Featured Stories Around Author & Book
  • Amazon & Goodreads Reviews
  • Promote Book Through Email & WhatsApp Marketing
  • Book Marketing Through Web Banners &
  • Offline Promotions Through Various Mediums