Srinath S

Interview with Srinath S

author of The Protectors of Aesner

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Srinath S is a debutant, author of The Protectors of Aesner – somewhere ahead of a science fiction as well as much ahead of a simple fantasy novel. Srinath has finished his course in Engineering and has been working in a corporate company. An ardent follower of music, he decided recently that he would try his hands on writing as entertaining people by writing is his vision…  read on for an interview with Srinath S.

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TeamBR_Online: From where did you draw your inspiration to craft this novel some kind of science fiction or some fantasy novels? Please share the backend preparations for The Protectors of Aesner. 

Srinath S: The best part of reading is that it lets you visualise the story in your mind. I have been reading a lot since my childhood; right from comics to novels. This novel is based on a dream that I had. When I woke up the next day morning, I started to develop the dream into a storyline and eventually a novel.

TeamBR_Online: Srinath, this is your first novel. However, you seem clever in moving the scenes from a place to another rapidly. Please reflect your thinking behind the animated plot and storyline of your novel. 

Srinath S: When I started writing, I just had the story in mind and I did not know how to proceed. I started with the conventional way of storytelling and I was not satisfied with it. I wanted to show the adventure to the readers through how the story was written. Moreover, we have to talk about so many different events and places; right from the bomb blast to the outer space journey; the protagonists’ stories to the Somalian tragedy. Hence, I wanted to bring in a fast-moving plot.

TeamBR_Online: You are a corporate professional. Did you ever want to be a novelist in your life? How did this attraction towards scripting begin? 

Srinath S: Not exactly a novelist. I wanted to try a lot during my childhood. I had my passion towards drawing, singing, dancing, acting…

Yet, when I thought of this story, I decided to write it off. I read a lot and so that helped me to build the story up. Precisely, writing fascinated me.

TeamBR_Online: How your novel The Protectors of Aesner is different from other novels in the league? What makes your work unique? Please share with the readers. 

Srinath S: This is an adventure-fantasy-fiction that travels from the past to the future. It deals with magic and science; good and evil. I have tried to maintain a fast-moving phase in the book to interest the readers.

TeamBR_Online: How do you see the book market today in India? What kind of books sell and what kinds of book garner critical praise?  

Srinath S: I had zilch knowledge about book marketing. When I was in the writing phase, I thought that all I had to do is to finish writing, print and publish. Once the book was published, I definitely struggled so much to even get the word out there. This is my debut novel. Hence, it was difficult in the beginning. I started trying different ways to market along with the publisher.

I can see a gradual increase in the sales and also am happy to see that people are getting their interests on my book.

Books get published in all kinds of genres around the world. Yet, the key that gets a book garner critical praise is the uniqueness. Knowing the audience, when the right factors are added into the book, it definitely will go big.

TeamBR_Online: You have tried to create an amalgam of inspiration, ambition and emotion in The Protectors of Aesner, Srinath. The novel ends hinting a sequel, doesnt it? Are you ready for another part of it?    

Srinath S: The Protectors of Aesner will have its sequel. With the first part released now, I am getting ready to start with the second soon.

TeamBR_Online: You must be a reader! Who are the authors whose works you like the most? Do you see, like most of the other authors see, a line of difference which distinguish ‘Indian’ writing from the writings of others? 

Srinath S: I read a lot. I love the books of Dan Brown, Andy McDermott, Amish Tripati, Ashwin Sanghi, Kalki, Indra Soundarrajan. Well! The list is big. Just like how aliens always attack the US in Hollywood movies, Indian authors mostly write about India and Indians. Just like few authors, I like to break that myth. The Protectors of Aesner is a story involving the Universe.

TeamBR_Online: Magic or Science or both are the same – your book raises these arguments wonderfully. Personally, which side you favour? Magic or the science? Also share your views behind raising these ideas in your debut novel. 

Srinath S: Magic and science are the main factors of my book.  Both the concepts have fascinated me since childhood. Right from mythological stories to scientific achievements, I always find them all to be the best topics to discuss over tea time.

TeamBR_Online: At last, Srinath, what’s the message that you would like to convey to the readers of your book? What would you like to say to them about the coming Aesner series?  

Srinath S: I would like to thank the readers for supporting me and I would like to assure that I will make the sequel more interesting and adventurous and will try to keep you hooked.

TeamBR_Online: Thanks for your time, dear Srinath and all the best for your future endeavours from TeamBR_Online!