Literary creativity has increased over the years. We say so because we have valid reasons to believe so. Look around you, you will find many authors who are more than excited to see their book in print. And those who have had his opportunity are eager to let the readers know about their books. On this side of the wall, the readers have so many options to choose from and so many names they already know. So, how will they read the books by the new authors? How will they know about an author who is a debutant? How much time will a talented young author take to mark his presence in the world of writing? There are so many questions that often arise. Oh! By the way, are you also an author? Do you also want to know about book promotions? Do you also want to know some impressive book promotion ideas that actually work? You have landed at the best place to know everything you want to know.

How can an author promote his book?

Basic Things:

Unlike a decade ago, when mainstream newspapers used to be the biggest platform for advertisement and it worked, many things have changed today. This is the age of Amazon, Flipkart and EBay as well as the age of Google & Yahoo & Facbook & Twitter. Something or someone who has a good presence on these platforms has the chance to be known better or to be sold better… Authors need to build up their image over these platforms first. A twitter profile, a facebook page, a blog (or website) and a little stuff written about themselves and their books help a lot! Broadcasting useful and relevant messages, teasers about their books, random quotes and other things related to literature are some basic things that can be done from the authors’ end.

Getting Written:

In the modern tongue, this thing is called influencer marketing. The approach of this method is aimed at making a buzz about the author and his or her book. To do it oneself, an author can approach various bloggers or book reviewers and ask them to write something about their book. They can also approach a well-reputed magazine and ask them to feature their book in any of the issues. As much content is generated about a book or about an author, that much is the publicity! Along with the quality of the book’s content, the content written about the book by others also matter very much in the terms of book’s publicity and overall sales.

Goodreads Platform:

Goodreads has emerged as an important platform which bridges the gap between authors and their readers. Authors should get themselves enrolled in their author program and upload the necessary details about their books. With Goodreads, they can reach to their target readers directly. Authors can also host giveaways and various other promotional activities to get their books delivered to the right type of audience.

Hire a Book Promotions Expert Agency:

If you are one of those authors who does not want to mess with the things other than writing their books, you can leave the burden of book promotions with us, the Connect Book Reviews. We will make things happen for you in the online world as well as offline. Unlike a product promotion, promoting a book a different kind of task and we understand it very well. From mainstream website reviews to blogger book reviews, from Amazon expert reviews to Goodreads reviews, from author interviews to stories around the authors, we will be delivering the right thing to you which will be useful for your author’s brand as well your book’s reach to the audience.

A Glimpse of What We Got:

We have everything which makes a book marketing agency result oriented:

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Let us work for you and your book; we believe our services will add more value to your author’s image and your book’s readership!