Lal Bhatia’s autobiography, Indicting Goliath, is a book which has initiated many questioning thoughts in the minds of the readers. The book, in fact, is a puzzle which was supposed to be solved by the ones who were supposed to do it – the federal judges and the police officials (FBI and others) and also the attorneys were supposed to establish the correct facts before the court of justice. However, nothing happened like this and one innocent had to suffer in prison for almost a decade – fighting against the state and fighting against his own fall! Indicting Goliath is a super autobiography – not only an ordinary autobiography in which an author tells the readers about his life and events in his life.

It begins with the details of the fraud, scam and the crime. Money laundering trails are established which leads us back to the days when BCCI (Bank of Commerce and Credit International) was established. Lal Bhatia, in the first part of the book, takes the readers on an educational tour telling about the various dirty secrets. Once the first part is over, readers get to know Who Lal Bhatia is. And then begins the real story – how Lal Bhatia was framed and persecuted for a crime that he did not commit – that he wanted to uncover!

Indicting Goliath, as a piece of literature, leaves many question marks on the sad condition of corruption which has taken up the USA. Corrupts seem to have usurped the offices, courtrooms and the streets hunting for sharp and brilliant ones like Lal Bhatia and using them for devil’s profit and then indicting them… The book has also the elements of pathos which come from the real experience – torture and deadly torture to break the person down. Lal Bhatia also exposes the poor prison state in the USA. A criminal, however cruel and deadly, cannot be treated like an animal in front of the judges. However, Lal Bhatia was treated like one and the judges, who were supposedly bought by the crooks, did not object or even take cognizance. Is it right, Uncle Sam?

Critically, reading the book (Indicting Goliath) does let you know and understand what the author wants to make you understand. The writing is fairly simple so that the readers can sense the urgency with which the book has been written. The book is recommended for serious readers who have an interest in human rights, the United States and also in human beings…

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Review by Pintu for Book Reviews Online

Indicting Goliath by Lal Bhatia
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This autobiography is not monotonous… it will keep the readers interested and infested with thrill! Don’t ignore this explosive piece of writing by Lal Bhatia in which he defends himself against the lies and conspiracies of a state – the USA.