Elephants in the Room is a crime thriller novel published by The Write Place and written by Suraj Laxminarayanan, a debutant. This novel is a long tale but rather stands still. The author has managed to create a fiction out of ‘almost nothing’. Two gangs collide inside the bank for the larger share or the whole of the robbery that is intended to be done. One gang is professional, fighting for their lives and another gang is amateur, robbing for their misplaced ambitions. This is the set of two poles in the novel and more than 500 pages have been written between these two poles, bringing many other things from here and there. Largely, the idea becomes interesting but at times, it becomes difficult to carry on with the novel because of too many introvert conversations.

Written in a standard but contemporary English, the novel Elephants in the Room will be liked by the youngsters who love reading works with action. However, the action depicted in this novel is rather slow but certainly happening. If you read the novel, you will realise that every minute detail has been given a due description. Suraj has tried his best to create a different kind of crime thriller where there is the crime and also thrill. However, this pair of crime and thrill is delivered in a rather different way.

Plot revolves around the bank robbery that is planned by a makeshift gang of robbers who are not trained to rob or to operate automatic or otherwise weapons. They just plan and think whether they succeed, they won’t have to do robbery again. However, their plan is surfaced upside down when they meet another gang which comes to rob the bank on the same day – rather violent and rather professional. Violence, gunshots, murders, blood, cries and woes are there. Some with a purpose and some just randomly. However, these quick happenings which are described in very detailed ways are very interesting for the readers to keep them engaged.

So, other than the length which is too long, the novel can certainly be enjoyed once by the readers who love reading crime fiction. It can be bought from Amazon India by clicking the link below:

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review by a BRO Staff

Elephants in the Room
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A suitable one-time read for the lovers of crime thriller fiction! Violent and aggressive but with humour and sentiments intact.