Ashish Dalal’s debut book Uske Hisse Ka Pyar will be available for pre-orders on Amazon from 15th of November 2017! His book has been appreciated by the initial readers and the critics of Hindi literature who has read the book beforehand and pre-release. Uske Hisse Ka Pyar is a short story collection which offers 17 beautiful short stories to the readers. In this book, readers will find all the aspects of love which can possibly arise in the minds of them. The book will be like a doorway to the emotions which arise when we feel love, being loved or loving someone. Yes, the book also explores the chapters of physical intimacy because the author thinks that to understand love, one needs to love!

Uske Hisse Ka Pyar has been praised by the editors of the magazine for which Ashish Dalal has written in the past. Certainly, this is the debut book by him to say but he has been contributing his fiction to the various magazines and newspapers that feature Hindi literature for the readers. Ashish Dalal is an experienced author who knows how to keep the readers occupied with the fiction and you will certainly know this once you read his book after it is available for sale on Amazon.

For the readers of Hindi fiction, the book is surely going to be an admired one because the language which Ashish Dalal has used for his fiction is remarkable and wonderful. He tries to connect with the readers and he is successful for that purpose. To know more about his story writing skills and to read his wonderful short stories in the collection Uske Hisse Ka Pyar, you should get your copy secured by ordering the book once it’s available on Amazon for the pre-release orders! We will also be posting the review of this book once our readers finish reading the book and form their collective opinion. Till then, happy reading!