With You; Without You is the upcoming debut book of Prabhat Ranjan, a writer from Bihar. This is a novel written in Hindi and it represents the human emotions and aspirations in life. And precisely, this novel deals with love and friendship and the thin line differentiating between friendship and love. Published by Story Mirror publications, With You; Without You will hit the bookstores, online and offline, sometimes next month. Team BRO has got an exclusive insider’s view of the book and we are going to reveal some secrets with our readers so that they are prepared when the book is launched!

The novel is about three good friends Nishind, Rami and Aditya. The little secret about this friendship is that someone thinks of someone more than a friend and that someone thinks of another more than a friend. A little complicated? We got you! Rami loves Aditya and thinks of Nishind as her best friend. However, Nishind thinks of Rami more than ‘just a friend’ and is secretly in love with her. Without revealing much about the plot, we can simply say that things change rapidly… there are the things which complicate the three best friends and they are apart. In the second part, Rami is not seen! She is gone. We have Rashmi Desai and these two guys are there too. Now things have changed and this newcomer, Rashmi falls in love with Nishind but Nishind does not love her. He thinks of Rashmi only as her friend. What do you think will happen in the story? Cannot wait, huh? With You; Without You is an interesting story, believe us! You cannot resist reading it when the book is available on Amazon and other stores. And the best part about the novel is that it is in Hindi so you cannot deny… desi language with a serious story to remind you of those days when there used to be a lot of buzz about who is with whom… remember those college days?

We will keep you posted when the book becomes live on online stores. Team BRO will also be reviewing the book as soon as we get the copy. So, beat around the bush with something else till the book is live guys. Prabhat Ranjan’s debut is surely gonna be a bang in the Hindi writing. You can know more about Prabhat on his official website: http://authorprabhat.in/