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Ravi Dabral – style of his fiction writing

On many occasions, we see the very beginning being so successful that the whole idea of the act or an initiative can easily be judged on the basis of that. Being a successful debut author is a feat that any author would love to achieve. Recently, I have been witnessing many authors who have become successful in their very first attempt and rode the wave of success thereafter. Today I will be writing about the novelist who wrote a bestselling piece of 2019 – Greed Lust Addiction. This novel, in… Read More

Elephants in the Room by Suraj Laxminarayanan

Elephants in the Room is a crime thriller novel published by The Write Place and written by Suraj Laxminarayanan, a debutant. This novel is a long tale but rather stands still. The author has managed to create a fiction out of ‘almost nothing’. Two gangs collide inside the bank for the larger share or the whole of the robbery that is intended to be done. One gang is professional, fighting for their lives and another gang is amateur, robbing for their misplaced ambitions. This is the set of two poles… Read More

American Maharajah by Mark Levy

Mark Stephen Levy’s second novel, to say, American Maharajah, is a book of fiction which has something of everything in it and it offers something of many things to the readers of many different sections – serious readers, trend-readers, casual-readers and everyday readers like the young school kid enjoying the high school studies in different subjects. To cut things short, the fiction has different dimensions and all the dimensions are touched with a subtle art of fiction – American Maharajah does not seem an American fiction in spite of the… Read More

Little Maryam – Hamid Baig

Hamid Baig’s debut novel, Little Maryam, is a novel which embarks the ‘different kind’ of romance narrative on the horizon of Indian fiction. It is not a simply written romance novel with usual scenes of intimate moments and a guy and a girl spending some time together before moving on to another one in their life. Little Maryam is a novel which presents the story of Saadiq and Maryam, the lovers who were separated by fate and later reunited by fate as well. This novel has the elements of chance,… Read More

With You; Without You – review

With You; Without You is the debut novel by author Prabhat Ranjan who hails from Patna, Bihar. His novel deals with the theme of love, friendship, betrayal, confusion, emotional conflict and various other themes which will certainly be useful for the youths as well as the serious fiction readers who want to go beyond the text. Written in Hindi, the language usage as well as the pattern of the narrative used by Prabhat Ranjan is not only noteworthy but also praiseworthy. He has tried to reach the readers directly and… Read More