On many occasions, we see the very beginning being so successful that the whole idea of the act or an initiative can easily be judged on the basis of that. Being a successful debut author is a feat that any author would love to achieve. Recently, I have been witnessing many authors who have become successful in their very first attempt and rode the wave of success thereafter. Today I will be writing about the novelist who wrote a bestselling piece of 2019 – Greed Lust Addiction. This novel, in Hindi as well as in English, became one of the bestsellers of the year and also made the novelist, Ravi Dabral, one of the best crime thriller novelists in India.

The ART of Ravi Dabral’s Fiction:
There is no magic in the artist, most of the times. The magic lies in the art of an artist. Likewise, an author cannot be a magician but his or her writing can certainly be the magic that attracts the readers. Ravi Dabral has done quite the basic things and got his basics, in doing those things, right. All these very basic ideas have made him one of the bestselling novelists in India. He has written about the very simple abstract concepts of life – material life vs spiritual and righteous life. He has created a successful and effective contrast in his fiction and this contrast teaches the readers lessons for life in an entertaining way – thus, his work is a spiritual crime thriller novel!

Further Exploring the Art of Ravi Dabral’s Writing:
He has kept his language simple. As the language is only possible means for an author to reach his readers, Ravi has understood this concept very well. He has managed to keep his language standard, effective but also simple. Any student of class 8 can read and understand his novel. Moreover, at times, the ideas that he has put forth in his narrative are so effectively communicated that a young reader can get those ideas as they flow. He has dealt with many spiritual and essential concerns of life as well as the side-effects of this modern lifestyle that we have made ourselves familiar with. Greed Lust Addiction – as the title suggests, this novel deals with these three vices that are very harmful to human beings. The novelist has tried to offer a solution, a possible way out.

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