Anita Krishan, born in 1955 in Shimla and raised in the same city and educated as well, is a well-known Indian novelist with more than 5 books to her name. Before you make any assumptions about her, she has been known for not following any tail and making a path of her own. Her novels are vivid but serious and the plot and themes are chosen very wisely which does not only reflect Indianness in the truest sense but also give the readers something to think – not mere entertainment! Her latest novel is Despite Stolen Dreams which has been rated very tall by the contemporary book critics in India and also got a tremendous response from the readers.

Having been an educator teaching English literature to the students, Anita Krishan’s life has been revolving around words. She is a versatile literary personality able of writing poetry, novels, journalistic pieces and also plays which she has directed during her academic career. However, the fame of Anita’s literary journey rests upon her career as a novelist because she hasn’t published anything other than this genre.

Until now, Anita Krishan has written five novels which are:

The Burning Orchard
Running Up The Hill
Tears of Jhelum
Fluffly and Me
Despite Stolen Dreams

The novels Tears of Jhelum and Despite Stolen Dreams are part of a series on terrorism in the valley of Kashmir, it seems. The story starts in Despite Stolen Dreams from there where it has ended in Tears of Jhelum. Reading the novels written by Anita Krishan will surely let the readers feel how it feels like reading a true work of fiction. Her novels not only offer interesting and eventful read to the readers but also affect their thinking because she often deals with the issues of humane importance.

For her rich vocabulary and her high language, Anita Krishan has received noteworthy appreciation. She has been kept in the league with likes of Amitav Ghosh and Anita Desai. Her treatment of the serious themes becomes even richer when she details the events and scopes in her beautiful language which makes her novel not only pleasant to read but also a testimony to the brighter side of Indian writing!

As of now, as Anita Krishan has told in this interview with Alok Mishra, a noted book critic and literary influencer, and also one of the top book bloggers in India, she is working on some ghost stories which will likely be published as her next work. You can read more about Anita and her books and also find important information about her on her official website: