If you are an admirer of Indian English fiction, you must be aware that the authors have different interests. While some may like to remain in the fancy world they create with words, others do take interest in the incidents and happenings in the real world to create their fiction. Whereas, there are also the authors who entirely portray only the truth, with a certain colouring of their imagination so that truth becomes dramatic. I am writing about one author from the same group – Pravin Anand. He is a novelist who has written three novels and all of them, this or that way, are romantic tales. His latest work, Mumtaz and Taj Mahal is a historical novel which describes the relationship between Mumtaz and Shahjahan and the love between them that furthered the monument of the day – The Taj Mahal!

Born and raised and educated (early education) in Kanpur, Pravin Anand is currently the serving BDO under UP Government. He works towards the welfare of the people as an administrator. Moreover, he also manages time from his personal hours to swing the pen in his favour. Until now, he has written three novels:

  • I Love You More Than Anyone Else
  • Mars, Love and Breakup
  • Mumtaz and Taj Mahal

The writing inspiration, as the author tells, has come from the early publication of his short stories in two leading magazines in India. These publications came very early for Pravin when he was a student. This boosted his confidence and he kept on writing. Many of Pravin’s articles and columns have been published in newspapers, national and regional. He also keeps contributing his short stories to the popular magazines other than writing full-length fiction. His books have been doing well among the youths because of his contemporary style of writing.

Pravin Anand believes in writing for the age and not for the time which is timeless. And thus, you will find his works of fiction exhibiting a simple but standard language, a contemporary feel and also a connection with the youths, youths who form a large part of the fiction reading community in India. You can explore more about the writings of Pravin and know more about him on his official website:

Link – Pravin Anand

Article by a BRO Staff