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Ravi Dabral – style of his fiction writing

On many occasions, we see the very beginning being so successful that the whole idea of the act or an initiative can easily be judged on the basis of that. Being a successful debut author is a feat that any author would love to achieve. Recently, I have been witnessing many authors who have become successful in their very first attempt and rode the wave of success thereafter. Today I will be writing about the novelist who wrote a bestselling piece of 2019 – Greed Lust Addiction. This novel, in… Read More

Pravin Anand – Novelist, author of Mumtaz and Taj Mahal

If you are an admirer of Indian English fiction, you must be aware that the authors have different interests. While some may like to remain in the fancy world they create with words, others do take interest in the incidents and happenings in the real world to create their fiction. Whereas, there are also the authors who entirely portray only the truth, with a certain colouring of their imagination so that truth becomes dramatic. I am writing about one author from the same group – Pravin Anand. He is a… Read More

Anita Krishan – Indian Novelist

Anita Krishan, born in 1955 in Shimla and raised in the same city and educated as well, is a well-known Indian novelist with more than 5 books to her name. Before you make any assumptions about her, she has been known for not following any tail and making a path of her own. Her novels are vivid but serious and the plot and themes are chosen very wisely which does not only reflect Indianness in the truest sense but also give the readers something to think – not mere entertainment!… Read More

Author Shilpa Raj Debuts!

Shilpa Raj has been raised in the poverty and went to Shanti Bhavan to get her education and all that was unexpected to a great extent because Dalit children in India are seldom there to be found in the schools which offer education. Shilpa’s journey as an author has begun with her debut memoir The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter which will be released worldwide on 28th July 2017. In her memoir, the very debut work, Shilpa Raj has given an insider’s view of the lives of the Dalit people around the… Read More