David Daiches is a pretty familiar name for the people who happen to be somehow related to English literature. Students, university dons, college lecturers, school teachers, literary enthusiasts or any ‘someone’ who happens to read something about English literature, should (now or then) surely go through David Daiches’ writings about English literature and then it comes to his magnum opus – A Critical History of English Literature! This is a book on the historical documentation of English literature with a commanding language by David Daiches which is read by the students in the different parts of the world alike. The work comes in two volumes and it begins with the early ages and comes down to the Modern age (a little before the contemporary).

A Critical History of English Literature is a book which is highly beneficial for the academic students of English Literature because it covers all the important divisions in ascending order. The most important part of the book is the language which has been used and also the way D. Daiches applies the narrative. Students will have a lot to learn and very less to remember; and yes, unlike most other books on the history of English Literature, David Daiches does not leave the room for disambiguation…

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The first volume of the book covers English literature from the Anglo-Saxon to the 1700 and the second volume begins with Restoration and comes down to the contemporary (of Daiches of course). The way Daiches explains the things and the informative way he puts the pretext to a chapter is wonderful, in simple terms! Students will have information as well as valuable opinions on the topics. Moreover, there has been a dedicated backend work which Daiches seems to have done in selecting the excerpts to go with the chapters. I have read many books detailing History of English Literature but most valuable and relevant citations I got to find in David Daiches’ work, no doubt about that. The text always helps in clarifying the context, you got to be clear about that!

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In many many ways, I will simply put that A Critical History of English Literature is the book that students surely need to have. It will help them on all the levels of education as well as keep serving them even when they become people responsible for teaching. In our special offer arrangement with Amazon, you can get both the volumes on a special price from Amazon. Visit the link below and buy the useful book now:

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