Burn: Love, Passion, Hate is a perfect weekend book for the readers who don’t have much time to devote to their reading hobby. This novel is a quick-moving, no pausing and fast-ending novel type which will never let the readers feel stuffed or bored. The author of this novel has written many other books – Christine D’Sylva. The theme of the novel is a serious one and it tells the story of a crime – close to arson and near to the mania of fire, pyromania. The protagonist couple in the novel, Jay and Ashwina, is a couple which enjoys seeing people burn and their habit lands them in a tragic conclusion.

Since the beginning, the novel moves in a flash without wasting any time in giving the pretext or long sermon like Thomas Hardy’s ones. The action begins at the beginning and then there is no stopping. You will get to read the description of setting people ablaze and enjoying the ‘burn’ with love, passion and hate… All this happens too fast and Jay and Ashwina don’t give any second chance to their targets. They come worn on a bike and move away in pace after committing the crime. Why do they do so? Why this teenage couple set people on fire? Why do they enjoy the crime? Well, to know that, and answer all your queries, the author takes you in the past.

The past is about the love story of the couple which could not be fruitful because of their parents and they had to run away from their homes. However, they did not leave each other’s company because passionate love has overpowered their fear or any other societal quotient. Jay and Ashwina love each other passionately, deeply and to the last. You will also get to read some intense love making scenes… well, but within the decorum of a sensible writer’s words.

The novel asks some serious questions too – why do we make criminals? Why don’t we allow certain kind of love affairs in our society? Why do we see people differently who are not like us? The crime records offered by the author as the pretext of the novel (in the preface itself) is enough to tell us about the serious nature of the crime which is the theme of the novel Burn: Love, Passion, Hate.

To end the review, we believe that the book will be loved by the teenage readers as well as those who want to read some action-packed contemporary romance with a serious issue as the backdrop. Go for it if your requirements match our suggestion. Burn is a perfect read for the weekends and you should not miss it! And don’t forget, one of the top book reviewers, Alok Mishra, has rated this novel 70%!

Burn: Love, Passion, Hate by Christine D'Sylva
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An awesome weekend read this novel is… you can finish the book within a day! Don’t miss as the book narrates a love story with some twists and cruel turns!