Monsoon Minds – the title might lure the reader inside you and we believe that you are going to like this book for sure. After many days, or months, in fact, our team received such a book to read – a book of short stories stuffed with real human emotions and things which are genuinely common among us, the common people of the world! The author of the book, Ravi Nambiar, who is an entrepreneur professionally, has done great justice with his maiden publication. His stories have the touch and the connect which appeal to the readers. After reading the Monsoon Minds by Nambiar, we can surely (and safely too) say that short story is still the genre which has mass appeal intact with it!

With 18 short stories, mostly set in rural backdrops, the book is a fluid read which will keep you enchanted until the day you finish it. Short stories are short, as they should be so that the readers can take full pleasure of their leisure. Some of the stories are in the first person while others are in the third person. The thing which is common among the stories is that they are all full of sentiments, the human values, the ideas and most of the things which are almost extinct today in this modern and busy world! The author has very wisely shifted the backdrop of his authoritative projection away from the city-city walls-walls into the nature-nature. Ravi gives you the stories you would like to read again and again. He tells about the love affairs; he talks about the death of an old grandmother; he writes about the journeys; he reflects the new beginnings…

The message, we must say, that you get from the book of Ravi Nambiar – Monsoon Minds, is very simple and plainly put forth as well – we have to move on! Things keep happening around us but we can seldom sit and harp about those. At the end of the day, all we need to do is move on and strive for the betterment of ourselves as well as those around us.

The readers who love reading short stories must read the book. A new style has been injected into the Indian creative writing field and the style that most of the readers will like for sure. The book Monsoon Minds has been written in such a way that a reader can choose which section to read first – from the beginning, from the middle or even from the end itself! All you need to read are the stories and each one of them is simply wonderfully written!

Reading folks, we will recommend getting your copies of Monsoon Minds from Amazon as soon as you might get it and read the book to understand yourself why did TeamBR_Online like the book so much! We are the reading bugs and come across many books in a day. We pick to write the one we like the best! So, it’s the time you do the same – Happy reading!

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