Rarely you might find a book which brings out the follies and corruptions of the Catholic Church or the shallowness of the Christian religion in itself. You might have seen so many works by the authors of different places which have brought into the public domain the ugly face of Islam, Hinduism or other religions of the world. Mother Teresa Canonized or Crucified is a book written by Gerard from India which exposes the corruptions prevailed in the Vatican ’empire’ as well as the injustice done to Mother Teresa by denying her the sainthood which she well deserved many years ago!

Mother Teresa Canonized or Crucified is a well-researched document which substantiates the points raised and validates the charges framed by giving the proofs which are in public domain. The author, unlike many others who do so on the basis of personal prejudices or hypotheses, has presented his arguments very well backed by the citations from leading newspapers, books and other evidence and this is the one feature of the book which kept our attention.

Gerard defends the charges levied on Mother Teresa on the basis of her ‘crisis period’. The crisis period in the life of the sainted lady was brought into the public domain when her ‘confessional letters were leaked. In those letters, Teresa is said to doubt the very existence of God! However, Gerard backs her and bats for her very well.

Key points of this book, other than defending the case of Mother Teresa, are questioning the ‘unrestricted flow of power’ at Vatican, practices of corruption in the church authority and the ‘unholy life’ lived the so-called holy people. Questions like ‘why women cannot serve in the church’ are very much valid and reasonable enough to be deemed answerable by the ‘modern’ thinking Christian society which still lives in the dilemma that women are not so pure to be able to serve the church!

Questioning the orthodox beliefs which are ‘not bearable’ in the modern context is always a brave task that authors have been doing since long. However, this book demands a greater reader base because the messages and the charges are so strong! TeamBR_Online thinks this book is a must read! So, those who are interested in Christian beliefs or simply knowing what’s right and what’s wrong, this book is for all of them! Find your copy of this book on Mother Teresa and Christianity on Amazon or any other platform and have your say once you finish the reading job…