We have been witnessing superheroes in the movies and clapping for them for many years. Most of them are from the USA, and some are even from other planets. Talking of Indian superheroes, we have very few. Coming out of the cinema screen and getting into the books, do we have superheroes? Yes, we have many and they do amazing jobs. However, are there superhumans? Are there common men like you and me who can do great works to save the planet or defeat a demon? Yes, at least for the Srinath S, the answer is absolute yes! His book The Protectors of Aesner tells us the story of three superhumans – Karthik, Dave and Yuki who come together to save humanity from external and internal forces.

The novel by Srinath begins usually as a novel should begin but the quick turn of events and change of scenes in flashes ensure the readers that it’s not a simple case. The Protectors of Aesner is a science fiction-cum-magical-fantasy-cum-visionary novel. This is not like a day-to-day book which will become boring once you complete the beginning chapters. There are secrets which take us back to 300-400 years and there are surprises which take us inside the volcano. There are super spaceships which fly even faster than the light and there are the people who are unlikely to be seen featuring in a work of fiction… you will love it!

A single day changes the life of our superhumans Karthik (from Tamilnadu) Dave (a treasure hunter) and Yuki (a footballer from Japan) and they find themselves inside a room surrounded by electric field which they cannot cross. After knowing each other, they get introduced to the good people who are planning to save the world and come to know that they are not simple beings – the DNA of these three people are special!

Our team has enjoyed reading the book and it took us no time finishing it. Very few books can hold you inside the grip of excitement and eagerness… the readers always remains in a want to know what could become next. A kind of fantasy is crafted in the novel by the author and it meets perfectly with the science. The storytelling in The Protectors of Aesner is wonderfully abrupt which gives you a thrill of watching the things happen in front of you. You are inside a pyramid and the next moment you are reading about the marriage which is about to take place in Tamilnadu, India. It’s a wonder ride on which Srinath takes you with him!

Folks, you cannot miss the novel and you need to get a copy now! Read about the common beings among us who are getting ready to save the world… and save it and get ready for the next mission…